PharmaJet Enters into Strategic Collaboration with CureVac for Needle-Free Delivery of RNA-Based Vaccines

GOLDEN, Colo. – Feb. 22, 2013 – PharmaJet Inc. has entered into a collaboration agreement with CureVac GmbH for delivery of CureVac’s mRNA-based vaccine portfolio including targets in oncology and infectious diseases, using the PharmaJet needle-free jet injector platform.

CureVac is the first in the world to have created methods of stabilization and scale manufacturing of mRNA. CureVac is focused on advancing its prostate and lung cancer candidates now in Phase II clinical trials, and looks forward to advancing further research and development supported by PharmaJet’s jet injector platform.

Needle-Free jet injectors have been used in the U.S. and other countries to deliver millions of vaccinations. A new generation of innovative jet injection technology from PharmaJet uses customized pressure force to create a fine stream of liquid that penetrates the skin, delivering does to the desired tissue depth, while eliminating needlestick injuries, anxiety and the cost burden of “sharps” disposal management. PharmaJet holds FDA 510k marketing clearances and many other foreign regulatory clearances for its devices.