Patient Preference Survey

Nearly 1,500 patients received a flu shot with the PharmaJet Needle-free Injector at select retail pharmacies, a university flu shot event, a public health flu symposium, and a government research organization.

After receiving the PharmaJet Needle-free flu shot, patients agreed to take a brief survey about their experience. The surveys revealed that most patients were satisfied with their needle-free flu shot experience and were likely to choose the option again.


  • 96% were satisfied with the PharmaJet Needle-free flu shot
  • 93% would choose the PharmaJet Needle-free flu shot again
  • 92% were likely to recommend PharmaJet Needle-free flu shots to family and friends

How satisfied were you with today’s needle-free flu shot?

96% Satisfied – 4% Dissatisfied

For next year’s flu vaccination, will you choose to receive your flu shot with a needle-free injection?

93% Likely to choose – 7% Unlikely

How likely are you to recommend a needle-free flu shot to family and friends?

92% Recommend – 8% Not recommend

PharmaJet, Inc. (2014) “61-10201 Post Market Surveillance” – internal company report, February, 2015.